Programming competetions in Karachi

Programming competitions always attract programming geeks a lot. tough and tight they are. They test your skills, IQ and patience.

After participating many of such events, it can be concluded that PCs in karachi are good in number and in genaral well managed. As most of the PCs are managed by the students themselves so it is always very appreciable.

Organizers have a very tough responsibility. Apart from financial and other type of management responsibilities selecting the tasks is very critical part. The questions should be logical and should test every type of skills not just practice in programming.

Participants should also be well prepared. One should learn File I/O functions, string manipulation and making different patterns and anagrams.

Below is a list of PCs in which i participated along with my experience.

ProCom @ FAST NU: Definitely a mega event with lavish arrangements.

TechElite @ NED: Not behind in any terms. Organized by the energetic and dedicated students.

ITPromo @ KU: Had some nice features like Question section in which the number of students participating and getting rewarded is bigger.

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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