Tech events this year ( 2008 )

Pakistan has a rich network of tech events spread all over the country. Most of them are organized by educational institutions. Below is my experience about some of the events that happened this year.

All the matters discussed below are not an expert’s review but a participant’s experience so comment and corrections are really welcome.
Nascon Fast Islamabad

Without an exaggeration it can be said that it was a mega event. Competitions ranged from programming competition to hardware competition, form college quiz competition to school kids poster competition. No doubt the Fast Islamabad campus became the house for innovators and creators from all over Pakistan.

An issue I felt there that as participants come from far and wide, the events should be scheduled in such a way that the participants can avail their time to maximum capacity.

TechElite at NED Karachi

This was the second episode of the event in two years. In both of the occasions the enthusiasm of the organizing students was very appreciable and inspiring. All the participants were really well catered and entertained. Another good aspect was that the event was of single day duration which saves much time unlike some other competitions in which the participants have to come for two days. Price money was also good in comparison.

Some suggestions to organizers of all such competitions

  • An open to all quiz program can gather much attention and can be core event of the competition.
  • All participants can not win prizes but at least the event should be enough rewarding that those participants who can’t win are not forced to consider it wastage of time. Job Fair at Expo Center Karachi

Although I wasn’t able to go there, but I gathered some comments from my friends as it is a much talked and advertised happening in the town. The event is really good for job seekers who are not much experienced as there is an open opportunity for them to observe and experience the job market.

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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