Getting richer with Flex

The First Glance

WOW!!  After viewing the sample application on Adobe site one has to be get impressed by the power and magic of it. This sample app gives you an idea what you and your users can have with Flex.

So is it all about Visuals?

RIA (Rich Internet Applications) doesn’t mean only visually rich but also flourishing from the application architecture point of view. In Flex world everything is arranged and placed together so you have to look-after less number of things but you get better results not only visually but also form architectural point of view.

Learning Curve

For a Web Developer having idea of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, it is not difficult to start getting your hand on Flex. MXML is much like HTML and you also have FLEX CSS for styling your components. Talking of ActionScript, it is like a super set of Javascript. OOP is a must for an ActionScript programmer.

Decision Time

So should you really opt for it? It depends upon the application requirements and the complexity of the user interface. Just don’t use it because every one in the town is talking about it. There are many things you can do using AJAX but can’t do with FLEX but its vicevarsa is not quite true.

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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