An intro to NetSuite

From the last few month I have been working on NetSuite (Web-Based Business Software Suite) so this is my brief review about NetSuite.

As far as the NetSuite Environment is concerned one has to admit that it is a very mature and functional one. UI is very intuitive and customizable. Many of the organizational needs have already been catered on the UI level so you don’t have to write a single line of code to accomplish much complex tasks. You can create custom records and link them with other records, use custom forms and validations without any coding.

Apart from the built in features Netsuite is much customizable too. SuitFlex provides a sophisticated toolbox to make netsuite work on your way.  SuiteScript (Netsuite’s programming language) is based on JavaScript syntax with an API to handle UI, Database Level operations. Unlike popular programming languages like PHP, you are not going to have many resources on the internet for SuiteScript.

You can also make your own web services using java, .net or php and these scripts can connect to netsuite and fetch  or update data on netsuite server.


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