Netsuite Programming Tips

  • Record Browser and Help center do not have complete documentation about some entities.  Loading Such objects in debugger shows all the fields and sublist for the entity.
  • Searching for any entity programmatically brings the records which are marked as ‘inactive’. Inactive entities can not be referenced by other entities.
  • Always initialize ‘nlobjSearchFilter’ and ‘nlobjSearchColumn’ with the ‘new’ keyword. Otherwise it creates unexpected errors.
  • Be careful when doing number calculations as Suitscript (actually Javascript Engines) some times concatenates the number instead of adding them.  ParseInt and ParseFloat functions can help in this scenario.
  • Floating Point numbers also cause Precision problems ( )
  • Api.js is also a great help ( )
  • As SuiteScript is based on JavaScript, so read Javascript books to master in suiteScript.

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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3 comments on “Netsuite Programming Tips
  1. Joe Son says:

    I also found this to be pretty useful:
    1. Script searching doesn’t allow sorting or usage of “OR” in the criteria. So create Saved Search and reference it. This way you can sort as well as use OR.
    2. nlapiSubmitField is your best friend. When governance becomes an issue, instead of loading records, use nlapiSubmitField to update field values. It can take array of fields and values so you can update multiple fields with only 10 usage governance.

  2. […] All Fields January 18, 2012 — dreamxtream As I have mentioned in my earlier post, NetSuite Debugger is a great tool to find the undocumented details about the entities . Another […]

  3. Get More Info says:

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