The Geek Peek (An insight into Blogosphere)

We are living in the age of information. The web is overwhelmed by user generated content. Any body can share his/her view on any topic and it goes public the very next moment. The blogosphere has become a place where every body is speaking and no body is listening. While generally it is the case but some topics and blogs really stand out. Below is a listing of such blogs.

Duct Tape Programmer

I hope you have heard about the book “coders at work”. It’s a collection of the author’s interviews with 15 of the best brains in Computer Science and Programming, the world has seen. Some parts of the interview (quoted here, ) with Jamie Zawinski gave a stir to the blogging world.

The idea was first discussed at

Most of the bloggers supported the basic idea

While the astronaut architect would sit in analysis paralysis, the duct tape programmer would have some working product already out the door.

Gave few very good Practical examples for “The Duct Tape Architect”

All carpenters have duct tape in their toolbox

The difference between a good developer and a bad developer isn’t whether they use duct tape, it’s how well they can recognize whether a situation calls for it.

Not that you shouldn’t learn new ideas, and new languages, and new APIs; you should! But you don’t have to use them in systems as soon as they are out of the box. Let them cure a bit.

So. Be smart. Be clean. Be simple. Ship! And keep a small roll of duct tape at the ready, and don’t be afraid to use it.

Some of them denied it with their arguments.

Programmers are smart.

Joel is right that complexity is your enemy

Unit testing is right Joel and zwk are wrong.


A problem with growing data is that we need more robust and scalable DBMS. Certain techniques are being implemented to cope with massive data. One of them is NoSQL.

NoSQL Databases – An Overview



How the NoSQL is going to affect SQL. How they both interact with each other.

10 things you should know about NoSQL databases

What The Heck Are You Actually Using NoSQL For?

What problems are resolved with NoSQL? What NoSQL can do and what can’t be done by NoSQL.

The beginning of the end of NoSQL

It discusses the term NoSQL and what it employs.

NoSQL: Don’t Take the Drug Unless You Have the Symptoms

It addresses the real world practical problems with NoSQL

An Introduction To Cassandra: The Data Model

Cassandra is being used by big players in the web to scale their sites. This article explains its architecture briefly.

First look at Google BigQuery

Last Byte

After having some food for thought, now have dessert for thought. It’s a link for some programming quotes. Although you may have read some of them but many of them are new and HILARIOUS.


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