AWS PHP SDK logging using Guzzle

Recently I’ve been working on AWS PHP SDK. I found out that there is a simple code snippet to enable wire logging in the API

use Guzzle\Plugin\Log\LogPlugin;

// Create an Amazon S3 client
$s3Client = S3Client::factory();

// Add a debug log plugin

However according to FAQs on the AWS docs site, we have to create our own plugin for logging in a file. I had a look at the code and found that you just have to provide the 2nd parameter to getDebugPlugin function and it wil start logging in the file

// Create an Amazon S3 client
$s3Client = S3Client::factory();

$logPlugin = LogPlugin::getDebugPlugin(TRUE,
  //Don't provide this parameter to show the log in PHP output
  fopen(APPPATH . 'logs/wire.log', 'a')

Later if you want to stop the logging you have to use the following snippet.

//Remove this log plugin to the client

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