Suitecoder just got more awesome

New version of Suite Coder has been released. Yay!!

Some salient features of this release are

  • New UI with better support for small screens.
  • Manage personal files. These files are not connected to any Netsuite account so you can access them anytime without Netsuite credentials
  • Unicode support. Now you can save files having unicode characters like © or ¥
  • Several minor bug fixes

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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12 comments on “Suitecoder just got more awesome
  1. Corey Hunt says:

    That’s coming along very nicely. I, unfortunately, won’t be able to use it yet. There is a limitation to the folder depth you are using. We have our scripts in sub-folders under a main folder for our company. So it goes SuiteScript/Company/Server/SomeServerScript.js.

  2. dreamxtream says:

    @Corey Single folder depth is only for My Files tab. Account Files tab show files for each folder regardless of the depth. null

  3. Corey Hunt says:

    Didn’t work that way for me. Using Chrome, by the way. I got as far as MyNetSuiteProject, in your example using Account files.

  4. Corey Hunt says:


  5. Corey Hunt says:

    I give up trying to post an image 🙂 You can see by deconstructing the [img] tag.

  6. Corey Hunt says:

    Issue was replicated in both FF and IE as well, FYI.

  7. dreamxtream says:

    @Corey that’s sad. Maybe Netsuite web service is not fetching the complete list of folders. Nothing such happened for my NS accounts. Would certainly like to resolve it only if I could duplicate the issue with my account.

  8. Corey Hunt says:

    I was thinking it might be a name collision, as the sub-folder it stops at is the same name as our company name, but that’s not the case. I can’t see sub-folders in the images folder either and I know that one has a bunch.

    Also, I wonder if it’s a recursive memory artifact. We have literally thousands of sub-folders in some of our root folders. Maybe there’s a limit to the folder count you can have.Maybe if you started at SuiteScripts folder rather than root or just included the SuiteBundles and SuiteScripts folders that would solve it. .

  9. dreamxtream says:

    @Corey Thousands of folders is the problem. Netsuite Webservices only return 1000 records at a time. I wasn’t expecting that any account would have more than 1000 folders. This would require a change in the app. Will let you know when it’s done.

  10. Corey Hunt says:

    We did this, as we were migrating our support department into NS from our legacy on-premise CRM, to hold all off the case attachments; one folder per customer. That way we could just write program to transfer the whole shebang.

    I would imagine this would happen more and more especially with the drag and drop app that NS has released. It has an option to create a folder for each record.

    Sorry for the hassle but edge cases are what I am all bout 🙂

  11. It’s really very interesting to hear that it included more features.

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