Suite Coder is now Open Source

Source code of SuiteCoder has finally been published on Github. Suite Coder is a web app that runs on Google App Engine. To run your own version of SuiteCoder you don’t require any programming skills. You can easily deploy the source code on Google app engine and run it there free of cost. All the required steps to do so are listed here

Suitecoder UI is built using JQuery and Angular 1.2. Code Mirror JS component is used as code editor. With basic knowledge of HTML/JS, one can make useful UI/UX tweaks. Keywords list for the code completion (IntelliSense) can be modified from the file static/js/deferred.js .

For adding features like compatibility of SuiteScript 2.0, knowledge of Python in required.

10 year ago when I started working on NetSuite, I found very few resources about Suite Scripting which are powered by community. That motivated me to build tools like SuiteCoder and PHP Toolkit Docs. The response I get for these tools make me believe that there is much more need for community built tools for NetSuite developers. Let’s make this project a hub for Netsuite developers community where we can share our ideas and help each other to make these ideas a reality.

I am a web developer working @ Gaditek

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