My Projects


NetSuite Gmail FireFox extension
This Firefox plugin integrates Gmail with Netsuite

Netsuite Customizations
I have also developed several Suite Scripts / Suitelets to customize Netsuite Functionality for small and medium-sized businesses.

Netsuite Custom Reports
I have also implemented several Netsuite Reports for different financial requirements.

I have developed the intermediate PHP server for this popular Netsuite app.

Django / Python / Google App Engine

A Django based web app.

Peer Review process app
A web app to automate Peer Review process using Python deployed on Google App Engine.

Suite Coder

Suitecoder is an online Code Editor especially designed to edit your SuiteScript files so that you can customize NetSuite on the go.

my first professional project. I learned a lot from my colleagues. After it i have made several other websites.

SEO Site Checkup
A Web application to asses different aspects of website from SEO point of view

Gloucester Country Legal Education Association
Technically very good. With full OOP code and table less design.


A Disease Surveillance System using FLEX developed for Puerto Rico state.

Message Media – Taleo Integration
Using Taleo Webservices and UI Customization, created a module that enables the Taleo user to send SMS to candidates using Message Media.

Academic Projects

Mini OS
Initially made a Graphical File Browser using Turbo C then created a boot loader type utility and tried to connect it with the file browser. Wasn’t succeeded though.

Trigonometric Equation Solver & tutor ( Expert System )
Using C#. I like its OO Design.

Open Source Projects

As a final year project I have developed a PHP based web application generator.

Now I am extending it use CakePHP framework and CakePHP code generation console.

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About me
A geek trying to make world a better place to live.

I work on LAMP Stack, SRE and resilience engineering. I also worked on Python, GAE and Netsuite Customization. Currently working @ Cloudways as Software Architect

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