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Netsuite API Explorer

Good things come in small packages.¬†Netsuite API Explorer is one of those good things (I hope so ūüôā ) Being a part of¬†Suite-Coder, API Explorer helps Netsuite Developers to get used to Netsuite API. ¬†As the Netsuite API is very

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Intellisense in SuiteCoder

I hope you have previously heard of¬†SuiteCoder. It’s an online Code Editor where you can edit your Netsuite Files. Yesterday I have released a new patch of the app with few minor enhancements and an exciting new feature, INTELLISENSE. Yes

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Good aspects of Netsuite Development

Netsuite woes, frustrated, difficult, Poorly documented. These are the words we commonly see on Netsuite development related forums and posts. But there are aspects of Netsuite Development which are very incredible. In this post I will highlight few of those. Client Side

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A Quick Netsuite Scripting Tip

When working on SuiteScript, we have different field types and and form fields in NetSuite but to get values from these we have generic functions These functions always return values as type string. Even for Date and Numeric type of

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Getting All Fields From NetSuite Entities

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, NetSuite Debugger is a great tool to find the undocumented details about the entities . Another way to find the list of fields related to an entity is through these functions. getAllFields() Returns a normal

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Google App Engine (Python) for PHP Developers

Recently I developed a python web app deployed on Google App Engine. Its an app to facilitate the Peer Review Process for organizations. You can view the app at . Below are my comments about the GAE platform as a PHP developer.

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Folio3 Announces Android Mobile SuiteApp For NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform

Link to the press release

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NetSuite Transaction Status Codes

When working with NetSuite, transaction Statuses are one of the most tricky parts. Lets take an example. Below is the search filter to apply when trying to find Pending Fulfillment Sales Orders. and to set the status of a sales order

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Netsuite PHP ToolKit Tips and Code Samples

I have been working on Netsuite PHP Toolkit for some time. Below are some code samples and tips I found useful. Any suggestion/comments are welcome. Tips Netsuite Webservices have concurrent session issue. This can be handled by adding a simple loop

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The Geek Peek (An insight into Blogosphere)

We are living in the age of information. The web is overwhelmed by user generated content. Any body can share his/her view on any topic and it goes public the very next moment. The blogosphere has become a place where

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