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Setup Selenium Web driver on WAMP environment

Recently I configured Selenium web driver on multiple systems having WAMP environment. There’s an excellent tutorial for it here. However I had to do some additional configurations mentioned below. Step 2.1 mentioned there is a bit tricky, you may have

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AWS PHP SDK logging using Guzzle

Few tips for Wire logging in @amazon #AWS SDK for PHP using Guzzle Log plugin

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Netsuite PHP Toolkit Documentation

Recently Netsuite has uploaded the Netsuite PHP Toolkit version 2012_2. This version is very mature compared to its predecessors. Now the code is distributed in different classes that makes it possible forĀ IDEs and Documentation generators to parse it. So I

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My Ultimate and Usable Web Development IDE

During the past two years I have been using different IDEs for PHP Development. I used Dreamweaver, Eclipse PDT, PHP Designer and NetBeans IDE but lately I faced some problems when I do some extensive JavaScript coding. This took me

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What I Read Today

This is just a regularly updated list of sites i visit and found useful. Why limit my likings to myself, Because Sharing is Caring…… Some links are accompanied with brief summary. 21 July 08 Ten Great Moments In Internet History

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