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SuiteCoder: Of the community, By the community, For the community

The First version of SuiteCoder was launched about 6 years ago. It’s been a eventful journey in which I added several oft-requested features such as Rich Code Editor with Auto Complete and file versioning. The app has a diverse user-base

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Suitecoder just got more awesome

New version of Suite Coder has been released. Yay!! Some salient features of this release are New UI with better support for small screens. Manage personal files. These files are not connected to any Netsuite account so you can access them anytime without

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Netsuite API Explorer

Good things come in small packages. Netsuite API Explorer is one of those good things (I hope so 🙂 ) Being a part of Suite-Coder, API Explorer helps Netsuite Developers to get used to Netsuite API.  As the Netsuite API is very

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Intellisense in SuiteCoder

I hope you have previously heard of SuiteCoder. It’s an online Code Editor where you can edit your Netsuite Files. Yesterday I have released a new patch of the app with few minor enhancements and an exciting new feature, INTELLISENSE. Yes

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NetSuite Transaction Status Codes

When working with NetSuite, transaction Statuses are one of the most tricky parts. Lets take an example. Below is the search filter to apply when trying to find Pending Fulfillment Sales Orders. and to set the status of a sales order

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Netsuite Programming Tips

Record Browser and Help center do not have complete documentation about some entities.  Loading Such objects in debugger shows all the fields and sublist for the entity. Searching for any entity programmatically brings the records which are marked as ‘inactive’. Inactive

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An intro to NetSuite

From the last few month I have been working on NetSuite (Web-Based Business Software Suite) so this is my brief review about NetSuite. As far as the NetSuite Environment is concerned one has to admit that it is a very

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