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Getting All Fields From NetSuite Entities

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, NetSuite Debugger is a great tool to find the undocumented details about the entities . Another way to find the list of fields related to an entity is through these functions. getAllFields() Returns a normal

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Netsuite PHP ToolKit Tips and Code Samples

I have been working on Netsuite PHP Toolkit for some time. Below are some code samples and tips I found useful. Any suggestion/comments are welcome. Tips Netsuite Webservices have concurrent session issue. This can be handled by adding a simple loop

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Netsuite Programming Tips

Record Browser and Help center do not have complete documentation about some entities.  Loading Such objects in debugger shows all the fields and sublist for the entity. Searching for any entity programmatically brings the records which are marked as ‘inactive’. Inactive

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FireFox Extension Development

Technologies Used CSS JavaScript XUL XpCom Tips When opening new windows avoid giving size or placement values, it will make firefox to open your window with proper size and at center of window. Although you can use html elements in

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Getting richer with Flex

The First Glance WOW!!  After viewing the sample application on Adobe site one has to be get impressed by the power and magic of it. This sample app gives you an idea what you and your users can have with

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