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A usability tip

In past decades World-Wide-Web has evolved from simple navigational websites to more process based portals. As websites getting richer day by day we should use standards to maintain ease of access. A tip in this regard may be that text

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Heights and Widths of a Developer

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths. Steven Wright Being a geek we all are overwhelmed by technologies and technicalities. Our gatherings and gossips, our jokes and judgments, our delights and distresses, our

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My Ultimate and Usable Web Development IDE

During the past two years I have been using different IDEs for PHP Development. I used Dreamweaver, Eclipse PDT, PHP Designer and NetBeans IDE but lately I faced some problems when I do some extensive JavaScript coding. This took me

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Fight of the Century (Usability VS Reusability)

Lately I was reading a very though provoking article 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know Besides some other great points, the guys came up with a really thought provoking point. Simplicity before generality, use before reuse This really gave

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Stroke it (Make XP work on your gestures)

So guys I am really fond of FireGestures add-on for Firefox. Some days earlier I thought there should be some utility for windows explorer that works like fire Gestures. I Google it for such a utility and I found a

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